By Weekend Media

It’s undeniable that the combination involving musicians JK and Chester always brings out a huge impact. The two may have not commercially done a lot of songs together but once they try, the product is an instant hit. Remember their very first and prominent team up on the song, ‘Confess’ with that dominant Chester beat you hear on most of his songs was absolutely amazing. They have also worked together on several Patriotic Front campaign songs and their chemistry gets deeper every time they try.

It is no surprise that they are back with another seemingly instant hit called ‘Balidimbula’. This is one song that has all the Chester influence you are used to and JK just hypes it up with his great vocals. It is some feel good dance single with great lyrical connection.

‘Balidimbula’ is inspired from the phrase, ‘heavy dimbwi’ common on the Copperbelt. This means a nicely cooked relish with heavy fatty-filling gravy.  To this respect, Chester is appreciating a beautiful women whom God has made as nice as ‘heavy dimbwi’. It is no doubt the song will cause some serious noise.

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