After a series of album name change, hopefully Muzo AKA Alphonso has finally settled for “I Am In Asia” to which he has went on to share the track list.

Before Muzo left Alpha Entertainment, he was scheduled to drop an album called “Balefwaya Mbwekele Kumushili” and later on as an independent artiste he announced of releasing an album called “Fitekwa Nemitundu Shibili” then “Mama We” and now “I Am In Asia” which was formerly titled “Taima Taiwa“.

The highly anticipated album will hit a store near you very soon. #Anticipate.


  1. I’m Good Pali Mic Too
  2. Kasukulu Teti Achile Teacher
  3. Sha Ifyali Muminwe Yandi
  4. Ama Yes Teyakwe Punka
  5. Leave The Light On Please
  6. Mwilaimona Ba Muze Nga Money (Album Version)
  7. Stand Up
  8. I Am In Asia
  9. Taima Taiwa
  10. Red Scorpion
  11. Dream Big & Aim High (Album Version)
  12. Ni Ex Walengele Mbe Yamaso
  13. Style Yakulinga Ni Singing Si Rap Dear
  14. Kanizo But Fwaizo
  15. It’s OK

Instead of “Taima taiwa” the title of this hip hop is “I’m in Asia” now sorry for all the changes have made